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Norton Village Hall,
IP31 3LP 

Norton, Suffolk is a delightful village 10 miles East of Bury St Edmunds .  Norton boasts three churches, a pub, a shop, a garage and a service station. There are some great local walks.

Norton also offers the only mainline Daito Ryu AikiJujutsu Study Group in the United Kingdom.

Norton Village hall Suffolk Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Martial Arts Traditional Japanese

Training in our study group



Our Study Group trains weekly, on Sundays from 10:00-12:00. Other days and times can be available in private classes, by appointment. 

Please contact us by email to arrange attendance or to discuss your interest in joining the study group.

What you can expect from a Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu class.

DTR is not directly comparable to modern western martial arts. It has developed over 900 years as a system which aims not only to train the body but also to shape the spirit. The teachings of Daito Ryu were transmitted exclusively within one family line in Japan only being shared with the public in the late 19th century by Sokkaku Takeda. 

Daito Ryu is more than self defence . Our study group is not a gym and it is not merely a self defence class. The techniques that we have the privilege  of studying have been battle tested in a time where this was necessary. We are lucky enough that these techniques are no longer needed on a day to day basis, but they are no less effective and they are no less serious. The techniques of Daito Ryu were designed to maim (at best) and  are such that if they are taught or practiced without the utmost respect they can lead to injury.

Our classes are controlled and, above all, are safe. Students will train only within their own limits and will never be expected to train to a level at which they are not comfortable. But this is a truly martial art and as such it involves an element of risk. You should not study Daito Ryu without first researching this art to ensure that you understand what may be involved and without ensuring that you are medically fit to practice. If you are unsure you should consult your primary healthcare professional.  


Aside from the physical nature of our training a core part of every class will be Rei, respect. We will pay respect to the art as it is taught today in Japan. We will follow the same class structure. We will follow, as much as possible, Japanese etiquette. This can at times be confronting to the western mind but giving your self over to training at this level has immeasurable rewards.

Each class will begin and end with respect. Respect for each other, for the teachings of the countless students who went before us and for the fact that we have been allowed to carry this teaching forward. This is no small thing. 

It should be understood though that to train in Daito Ryu is to commit to budo, the martial Way, there are no shortcuts there are no intermediate gradings. You will have only ever have two belts. One white and in time one black. This is a fundamental difference and one that immediately sets Daito Ryu apart from other arts.  

So, why train in this study group?

1) What you learn will be honest and will be true to the teachings of our headmaster Kondo Katsayuki Sensei, successor of Tokimune Takeda Sensei.

2) You will have an opportunity not only to learn about Japanese culture and etiquette but also, as you progress, to directly experience it.

3) If you commit yourself to the discipline of Daito Ryu you will have an opportunity to be fitter, stronger than you were before to be more aware of you environment and thereby to have more control.

4) You will be a member of the only Mainline Daito Ryu Study Group in the United Kingdom. 

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